My Story.

Hello and welcome to the beautiful world of French! My name is Aurélie and I will be your guide and teacher as you go on the wonderful journey of learning French.

The French Formula began in the Summer of 2014 as an experiment to overcome my limiting beliefs.  You see, I was not speaking English until 2009 and trust me, my English was terrible. In high school, my English teacher even told that I would need a miracle to pass my English test at the end of the year. Well I didn’t fail but I had the minimum score required. And from there, I was keeping English far away from me. Until I realized that I was limiting myself professionaly.

That’s why I quit my job and I came to Miami in 2009 to learn English for 3 intensive months. Besides the courses, it was my daily life that really helped me to improve. As I did the course and have overcame my love/hate for English, I started to get a very decent level.

Then, I was able to do so much :

  • I worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Yemen and Ethiopia ( I was working mainly using English),

  • I traveled with no fear and met amazing people in different countries,

  • I was able to watch movies, TedTalk and stand-up comedies all in English,

  • and last but least, I found the love of my Life and today I have a beautiful bilingual family (yes my hubby is American) with in-laws that don’t speak a word of French.

Living abroad, visiting several Alliances Françaises and Institut de Français, meeting new people all the time, I knew that I wanted to share my language and my culture.

As I was working as a project manager, I passed my certificate as French Teacher for Foreign Language in 2013. As I moved to the USA to join my - future at the time - husband, I started to offer French classes. I complete changed my career for the good.

I started to notice that my private students were enjoying my sessions. Their excitement motivated to be the best and it reassured me that I was understandable. And I was enjoying it too!

One day, my husband suggested that I try posting simple French lessons online. He suggested to post the videos on YouTube because it was filled with a lot of tutorials and plenty of how-to videos that people watch.
Some of the thoughts that came to my head after his suggestion were:

  • “Would I be biting off way more than I could chew?”

  • “Would people take me seriously”

  • “Would they just boo me off stage?”

At the time I was not ready to put myself out on the world wide stage.

But, eventually I knew I had to face my fear and just go for it. So, I prepared my first lesson, a simple introduction to the French alphabet, and it was lights camera action!

Today The French Formula has more than 8K subscribers from all over the world.

Since then, I have been teaching for corporate, for after-school programs, for private schools and at university level. I have gained a lot of confidence as I have learned with my students the best techniques to teach French and make it enjoyable and fun.

In the meantime, I got my certification as DELF examiner which also allows me to prepare my students the best way I can for the test.

So here I am today : I have formulated the best curriculum for you to learn French that is easy to follow, fun, and engaging. If you follow my lessons and tips, you will be speaking French in a short period of time.