Podcast 005 - How to buy fruits and vegetables at the farmers market


You will hear a dialogue between two persons. One is Raquel - the client - and she is at the farmers' market, buying fruits and vegetables. The other one is the merchant (moi :-) 

Listen this audio and try to answer these questions :

  • Quels sont les fruits que voudraient acheter Raquel  ?
  • Pourquoi ne les achète-t-elle pas ?
  • Quels sont les fruits que suggère à la place la marchande ?
  • Quel est le légume que Raquel n'aime pas ?
  • Combien de carottes achète-t-elle ?
  • Combien paie-t-elle en tout ?
  • Paie-t-elle en liquide (cash) ou en carte ? 
au marché

To verify your answers, you can check the attached PDF. You will find the transcript and some vocabulary.

If you find this podcast useful and fun, please leave a comment below and share it to friends who are learning French and are ready to go to a farmers market in France. Enjoy!

Amicalement ;-)


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