Podcast 007 - How to buy a gift for a friend


Salut la compagnie!
You will hear a dialogue between two persons. Shreni and me - Aurélie - are discussing about a gift for our friend Julie. We also talk about how and where to get the gift as well as the organization for the party.

Listen this audio and try to answer these questions :

  • Pour quelle occasion Aurélie et Shreni veulent acheter un cadeau pour Julie ?

  • Quel jour et à quelle heure est la fête ?

  • Combien coûtent les places de concert pour trois personnes ?

  • Que vont finalement acheter Aurélie et Shreni ? Et dans quels magasins?

  • Qu’est-ce que les filles vont apporter à la fête ?

  • À quelle heure Shreni va récupérer Aurélie ?

Cadeau amie

To verify your answers, you can check the attached PDF. You will find the transcript and some vocabulary.

For some cultural references, two stores have been mentioned in this podcast. They are both French companies. FNAC, created in 1954, is large retail chain selling cultural and electronics products. Sephora founded in 1973 - that you probably know - is a France-based multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores. I have added the link for you check their website in French, great way to practice. 😉

If you find this podcast useful and fun, please leave a comment below and share it to friends who are learning French and are ready to do some shopping. Enjoy!

Amicalement ;-)