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The places you can visit to practice your French Skills ? My top 5 destinations.

I know that you dream about Paris and probably la Provence and even the French Riviera. Oh yeah! But what about all these other amazing places ? Don't get me wrong... I love Paris too. I'm talking about the fact that you can discover so much more using some of your French skills ! I think it's pretty cool. We both know that the world is a beautiful place to explore so why limit ourselves to one place, right?! Let me share my top 5 destinations where you will practice your French!

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Why and How learning French is/was a life changing for you ? Your story right here !

As a French teacher, I strongly believe that learning French is a huge need or at least bring a huge improvement in your life and I can go on and on regarding the reasons why. But I was thinking that an article with actual testimonies and stories from other learners can definitely impact you and inspire you to start learning French or to stick to your ongoing learning journey. You would find below some great stories that speak by themselves. What is your story ?

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