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Often, people ask you what are your hobbies, what do you do during your spare time. Good news! This post will be very helpful for that. When talking about your activities - playing a sport or an instrument - in order to make it simple and effective, you need:

  • two verbs

  • some vocabulary

  • 2 formulas

Faire de la natation

Faire de la natation

Les verbes FAIRE (to do or to practice) et JOUER (to play)

You will find the conjugaison of these two verbs in my classroom on Quizlet with audio and games (perfect to know them by heart).

Le nom des activités

Activities have a gender (masculine or feminine) and a number (singular or plural), of course, it’s French… And it’s important to remember it because you need this information to make your formula right.

Do you play tennis, do you practice piano? Go to the set of vocabulary to pick the ones you want to use.

The 2 formulas you need

1) With the verb “Faire”, you only use the article '“de”, whatever you talk about sport or instrument.

Faire + du (de + le) + masculine activity = Je fais du football / Je fais du piano

Faire + de la + feminine activity = Je fais de la natation / Je fais de la guitare

Faire + de l’ + activity starting with vowel or the letter H = Je fais de l'harmonica / Je fais de l’athlétisme

2) With the verb “Jouer”, your article changes depending on the field : sport or instrument

  • If you talk about sports, you use the article “à” after the verb:

Jouer + au (à + le) + masculine sport = Je joue au football / Je joue au golf

Jouer + à la + feminine sport = Je joue à la pétanque

Jouer + aux (à + les) = Je joue aux échecs

  • If you talk about instruments, you use the article “de” after the verb:

Jouer + du (de + le) + masculine instrument = Je joue du saxophone

Jouer + de la + feminine instrument = Je joue de la clarinette

Jouer + des (de + les) = Je joue des percussions

note: board games and card games are in the sport category.

You can find also a video on The French Formula channel to complete this lesson and add some visual.

Let me know in the comments below which activity you practice, I’d love to know ce que vous faites pendant votre temps libre.

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