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" I remember"

" I remember"


Salut la compagnie !

Today, I decide that I will start blogging, for real this time... Like I have felt the urge to share with you my discoveries and my thoughts about all kind of french stuff. 

So the first topic that I want to share with you is the French Canadian language known as le québécois.


It all started when one of my students asked the question: What do the québécois sound like and how much different is it from the French language we speak in France? (knowing that we have numerous accents in France and still nowadays there are some people that I barely understand...). I didn't know much about it so I had to do some research and as a francophile I found myself very interested in this [Google] search.

I came across this great video on YouTube done by a fellow YouTuber named Solange.

I looooove her explanations and her style, she is very good at making things simple and fun. She even includes the French captions, which really helps to follow. Solange gave a lot of examples expressions along with some tips on how to sound like a real québécois.

My favorite expression is "Chu tanné" means "j'en ai marre" ( I am fed up of...  / I am sick of...)

And you, what is your favorite one ?

I invite you to also checkout this Instagram page Je parle Québécois  where you'll find some great content about les expressions québécoises. They also did an awesome video explaining the story and the origin of le français québécois starting from 1534!

By the way, have been to Québec ? Montréal ? How was your experience and as a french learner, were you able to understand the french canadians ? Share your thoughts below because I'd to know more since I've never been. But be sure that it's in my bucket list :-)

Anyhow, the beauty of the french language is unlimited and as a french teacher I am continuously grasping more and more to provide the best for you ;-)

Affectueusement, à la prochaine !

Aurélie <3