Difficult to pronounce but Fun to say !


Few days ago, I asked on my Instagram page and also my students to tell me French words that are hard to pronounce for a non-native and I received a pretty good list of words.

Since French pronunciation can be really painful, I thought that a little game could help you. Let's play a listening comprehension game to see if you have a good hear...

In the video below, you will see some of my students who have accepted to say each one 3 words that are hard to pronounce in French (thank to them). Can you guess what they are saying ???

Take a pen and paper and write your answers.

I know you are tempting to look at the answers before watching the video but the question is... Are you ?

Before looking at the list of words, let me give you my pronunciation. After that, check the list of words to see if you've got one, two, five or even all of them correct. (don't worry about the spelling) 


Here are the words with their translation :

(une) grenouille  = a frog

(une) quincaillerie  = a hardware store

(une) serrurerie = a locksmithing

heureusement = fortunately

(de la ) vanille = vanilla

(un) yahourt  = a yogurt

(la) chirurgie = the surgery

exagérer = to exagerate

(un) propriétaire = an owner

(une) tranche 

heureux = happy

(un) écureuil = a squirrel

anticonstitutionnellement = unconstitutionally

un oeuf = an egg

cucurbitacées = cucurbits

Well done for trying, whatever how many you got.

Now, it's your turn to practice ! In front of a mirror, in your car or in your shower, repeat them again and again and again... I'm kidding... Just the ones that are very difficult for you ;-) Remember, Practice makes perfect.

A très bientôt !